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Welcome to the world of translation and localization services, a world where Telelingua imagines solutions to bridge the language gap between people. For more than 30 years we have helped companies meet their multilingual and technical translation challenges. Because we understand that clear, concise communication is the key to crossing language borders in a global economy.

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Translation is more than just transposing a series of words. It is about integrating a wide range of language services, such as terminology management, quality control, localization, technical editing, the creation and management of translation memories, consulting on internationalization, linguistic engineering, multilingual document management, multilingual DTP, and multilingual IT testing.

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Are you a global corporation with operations in countries around the world?
Do you produce content in many different languages?

Telelingua Project Solutions provides tailor-made translation management solutions to wide-ranging global companies with (very) high-volume translation needs in multiple languages.


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Discover our areas of translation expertise
Whether we are focusing on Patient Facing Materials, packaging inserts or pharmacovigilance documents, we understand that the accuracy of translations can have a direct effect on patients’ well-being, and the successful treatment of their condition. More information
Software is everywhere. And it is probably the most easily exportable global product. No wonder Telelingua has built up vast experience translating in the field of bits and bytes. More information
Global financial transactions require a global translation provider, with a focus on confidentiality and security. Telelingua has this expertise. You can bank on it. More information
Bridging language and law: Telelingua's translators are highly qualified lawyer-linguists who are able to decode and encode legal documents with pinpoint accuracy. More information
Translation is an environmentally friendly and low energy service in itself. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the quality of our translations that bring power to your business. More information
From automobiles to bicycles, from construction to cosmetics: our engineering experts and word wizards will translate your documents with skill and flair (FR: avec savoir-faire et savoir-vivre) More information
  • Telelingua offers a reliable service with good and accurate translations. Our orders are always fulfilled quickly. Equally appreciated by Rogator AG is Telelingua's professional and flexible approach. All our contacts are very friendly, which is why we always enjoy working with Telelingua. We hope that this good and trusting cooperation will continue!
    Rogator AG []
    Marketing Manager
  • A big thanks to Telelingua – always super responsive and able to pull off basically every deadline.
    Creative Marketing Specialist
    Climbing, skiing & mountain gear manufacturer
  • Since November 2017, Telelingua has been supporting the Mobly Company with multilingual translation services (blog articles, Web content, commercial details, etc.). Mobly is a young and dynamic company that helps drivers with various services.
    - []
  • Thank you for the knowledgeable and proactive input on my validation. This demonstrates your meticulous approach and high quality of service.
    Head of Characterization Laboratory
    Swiss technology company
  • I reviewed your translations and they were excellent.
    Mentor & Trainer
    Waste Management Industry
  • I have been impressed by the dedication of Telelingua in support of our programs in 2015/2016. It was a complex project and your team delivered on-time with accurate translations. Feedback from our stakeholders was positive. – Thank You.
    Manager, Commercial Excellence
    International leader in the baking industry
  • I usually have good working relationships with my clients, but with your company they are the best !
    Freelance Translator Russian, English, Hebrew
  • The manual translation was such a success that our other business units now want to use your translation services as well. Thank you very much for the job.
    Technical Writer
    Medical devices, Culver City, CA
  • We were extremely impressed with the translation. We were very surprised how it was truly French Canadian. We all thank you for the job well done and especially for your speediness and accuracy! I’m very happy we continued our business relationship.
    Director of Marketing
    Electronic accessories, Toronto,
  • As usual, Telelingua is wonderful!
    Specialist Global Site Services
    Contract Research Organization, France
  • Thank you for the quick delivery of the text. The translation is outstanding!
    Carpet manufacturer, Belgium
  • Our good relation in the past was certainly one of the items that made us decide to work again with you as our translation vendor.
    Project Director
    Contract Research Organization, The Netherlands
  • Many thanks for the really excellent translation work you provided! Please keep this particular translator for future translations into the Slovakian language. I will be very happy to work again with Telelingua in the future.
    Senior Specialist Site Start-up & Regulatory
    Contract Research Organization, Slovak Republic
  • Thank you very much for your excellent service and your proactive approach!
    Livechat Operator Marketing Division
    Car manufacturing company, Brussels
  • I really enjoyed working with you and with Telelingua. If I ever had a say in the translation vendor section Telelingua will always be on my mind.
    SSU & Regulatory Project Manager
    Contract Research Organization, England
  • The translation for Solution Manager is now completed and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project with great support to get it done. I really appreciate the team work. I am looking forward to the next project.
    Delivery Manager and Project Manager
  • I would like to thank you for the work you provided for the project for France. The quality of the translation was very good and this saved me a lot of time for the review. These are really the best translations I have ever received and it meant that I was able to meet the very tight timelines of the submission. Thank you too for your flexibility for delivering in such short timelines.
    Site Start-Up & Regulatory Specialist
    Contract Research Organization, France
  • I would like to thank you and your team… Your help is much appreciated. Telelingua is a good service provider!
    Senior Project Manager
    Contract Research Organization, Princeton, USA
  • We are very grateful for the impeccable quality of your work, as well as the speed and dependability of your services.
    The Belgian Government Commission for the Milan 2015 World Exposition
  • Thank you so very much for all your availability always, your support, professionalism and for rescuing us in so many urgent situations!
    Project Manager
    Contract Research Organization, Paris
  • Telelingua France has received the full trust and confidence of Canon France for all translations concerning the Canon EXPO event: more than 90,000 words translated, sometimes within very tight deadlines. We thank you for your top-notch service!
    Communications Director
    Canon France
  • I appreciate Telelingua's translation system that helps to eliminate errors and inconsistencies, but even more their professional employees who make every effort to accommodate our particular needs.
    Technical Writer
    Fresenius Medical Care, USA
  • My team and I would be gladly prepared to support business reference enquiries from prospective new Telelingua customers
    Senior Manager
    Partner Development, SAP SE
  • We have been working with Telelingua for many years, and your work has always been excellent.
    Marketing Manager
    Imaging Technology Manufacturer, Munich
  • Thanks to your technical team we have been able to optimize our internal translation processes. The use of translation memories has been a great discovery for us.
    Sports Equipment Manufacturing company, Brussels
  • The true driving force behind our success? I would say it is our human capital. The intrinsic value of Telelingua is to be found in the competences and personal qualities of the employees. The personal relationships with clients and partners, just like those within our teams, are based on a spirit of constructive and dynamic engagement and on mutual respect.
    Jean-Didier Boucau
    CEO Telelingua Group


Our daily experience over three decades has led us to develop a number of tools that constantly increase quality and productivity across all your multilingual translation projects. These tools manage glossaries, terminology, projects, communication, workflow, consistency, and all kinds of information.

Workflow tools: T-Portal, On-Line Validation Center, TILT2, T-Query
Language tools: translation memories, terminology tools, quality assurance tools, localization tools

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