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Telelingua Project Solutions GmbH was established in Stuttgart in 2016 to further expand Telelingua's range of services for existing and future customers.

Telelingua Project Solutions sets itself apart from the rest of the Telelingua Group, with services specifically tailored to major language and localization needs. Particular attention is paid to corporate compliance aspects.

Telelingua Project Solutions is a professional and neutral interface between internal customer departments, language departments and language service providers, taking care of all aspects of professional coordination between multiple service providers.

Telelingua Project Solutions services range from the outsourcing of existing language departments, on-demand external language department services to the establishment of an internal language service, including the conception, recruiting and training. Thanks to our existing IT infrastructures and software solutions, Telelingua Project Solutions defines and implements the ideal setup or integrates with and builds upon existing infrastructure and processes.

Telelingua Project Solutions mission is to optimally and professionally support corporations and international medium-sized companies in the handling of all language services via multiple language service providers in all aspects – whether through the outsourcing of existing setups or by creating new ones.


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Telelingua Project Solutions GmbH
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